Ves Premix – 250

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Ves Premix – 250 : 1kg * 25pkts


Each Kg Contains
Vitamin A                     50 MIU
Vitamin D3                  14MIU
Vitamin E                     20000 mg
Vitamin K                    8000 mg
Vitamin B1                  3500 mg
Vitamin B2                 35000 mg
Vitamin B6                 4000 mg
Vitamin B12                25 mg
Niacin                          30000 mg
Biotin                           10000 mcg
Panthothenic Acid     16000 mg
Folic Acid                     5600 mg
Amino Nitrogen          q.s

Regular Use:- 250 grm per Ton of Feed
Or as recommended by the Veterinarian.

Store in a cool Dry Place away from direct Sunlight
Close the pouch tightly after use.
Product colour change will not affect performance.

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