Ves-Liv Injection 100 ml

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Vitamin B1, B2, B12, Niacinamide & Liver Extract Injection. 

Each ml contains
Thiamine HCL IP            10 mg
Riboflavin IP                    3 mg
Niacinamide IP               100 mg
Vitamin B12 IP                10 mcg
Crude Liver Extract        0.66 ml
Phenol IP                          0.5% v/v
Water for Injection IP     q.s

As directed by the Veterinarian

Overages of Vitamins added to
compensate the loss during storage.

Withdrawal Period
For Eggs or Milk – Nil
For Meat from Poultry & Mammals
including Fat & Offal – Nil

Not to be sold by retail without the prescription
of a Registered Veterinarian Practitioner

Store in a Cool & Dry Place
Protected from Light. 

Not for Human Use
For Animal treatment only

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