Utero-Kleen 500 ml , 1 ltr

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Phytogenic uterine cleansers, Uterine stimulants,
Extract of Ksheera in fortified base.

* Uterine Stimulant.
* Uterine cleanser
* Maintains Uterine tone.
* Helps early involution of uterus
* Reduces incidences of Retention of Placents (ROp)
* Helps faster convalescence.

Usage Instructions
Cattle & Buffaloes, Orally: 50 – 100 ml twice
or thrice daily for 2-3 days after parturition
30 ml daily for 7-10 days as uterine cleanser.
or as recommended by the veterinarian.

Animal Seed Supplement not for human / medicinal use. 

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