Spason Suspension 1 ltr

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Tetramisole Hydrochloride
BP Vet 3% w/v
Oxyclozanide IP (Vet) 3% w/v
in a palatable base q.s

For the treatment and Control of Nematode infestations and
Fascioliasis in cattle. sheep and goals. Effective against
Amphistomiasis and Paraamohistomes and removes
tapeworm segments.

Usage Instructions:
10 ml for 30 kg Body Weight for Cattle, Sheep & Goats 1 ml
for 3 kg body weight or as recommended.

Precaution : SPASON should not be administered to Cows
producing milk. Preslaughter withdrawal period in Cattle &
Sheep: 28 days. Avoid contact with eyes, wash with excess
amount of water if comes in contact. SPASON should not be
mixed with other products or diluted.

Shake well before use.
Store in cool dry place.
Protected from light

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