RC-Ves 1 kg

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Highly digestible protein, Fat, Amino acids,
Electrolytes, Vitamins, Minerals, Carbohydrate
and Base in sufficient quantity.

•Prevents early chick mortality and for early
.nutritional start-up.
•Any kind of environmental Stress condition.
• Transport box for Hatchery
•During low weight gain conditions.
•During recovery from disease conditions.

Broiler Chicks: 100gm/1000 birds for 5-7 days
Layer Chicks: 100gm/1000 birds for 10-15 days.
Transport box for Hatchery: 100gm/1000 chicks.
Grower or Layer for weight gain: 100gm/100
birds 7-10 days.
Dose can be adjusted as per Veterinarian’s opinion.

Product colour change will not affect performance.

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