Orgo-Min 20 kg

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Each KG Contains
Manganese                          110000 ppm
Zinc                                       100000 ppm
Iron                                       100000 ppm
Copper                                  600 ppm
Cobalt                                   1000 ppm
Iodine                                   600 ppm
Selenium                              500 ppm
Chromium                            200 ppm
Molybdenum                       0.00125 ppm
Saccharomyces Cerevisiae    1*10^9 q.s

Instant Mineral Source During Stress and Deficiency
Better bioavailability with complete mineral absorption
More stable and protected biochemical from adverse
reaction of other dietary nutrients
Better health, production and reproduction
reduces incidence of leg weakness and broken eggs.

Usage Instruction
500 gms to 1 kg/ton of Feed
or as Directed by the Veterinarian.

Feed Supplement
Not For Human/Medicinal Use

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