Nutrisol 1 kg * 2

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A powerful water soluble nutritional formula


Each 4 gms contains
Doxycycline activity                   1%
Vitamin A                                     10500 I.U.
Vitamin D3                                   1200 I.U.
Vitamin B6                                   10 mg
Vitamin K3                                   3 mg
Vitamin E                                      4.4 mg
Vitamin B2                                    5 mg
Vitamin B12                                  12 mcg
Niacin                                             30 mg
Calcium Pantothenate                10 mg
Sodium Sulphate                         20 mg
Amino Nitrogen                           10 mg

Birds: 500 gms – 1000 gms / ton of feed.
During early chick life: 1-2 tea spoons in 10 ltrs. of water
During Off Feed: 1 tea spoon in 10 Itrs. of water until feed
during first two weeks of life.
consumption returns to normal
During Stress: 2 tea spoon in 10 ltrs. of water.
Shrimps: 1 kg per ton of feed.
Calves and swines: 2-4 Spoons durings first few weeks and
a weaning period

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