Milk-o-Milk 500 gms

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Nutritional Value Per 100 Gms.
Vitamin A                62500 iu
Vitamin D3             6250 iu
Vitamin E                2.5 iu
Vitamin B12           100 mcg
Calcium                   1650 mg
Phosphorus            850 mg
Cellulases                7.5 gm
Proteases                5.0 gm
Phytases                  5.0 gm
Invertases               2.5 gm
Amylases                 2.5 gm
Lipases                     2.5 gm
Amino nitrogen     50 gm
Energy                      160 kcal
with Polysaccharides
In a fortified base.  q.s.

More Creamy Milk, More Profits.

To stimulate, sustain, maintain
quality and quality of milk in cows and Buffaloes.

Dosage: 25 gms twice daily.

Animal Feed Supplement
Not for Human / Medicinal Use


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