Bactocare OA + (1 Kg)

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Bactocare OA + (1 Kg)


ORAGANIC ACIDS (Formic acid, Sorbic
acid,Proionic acid, Acetic acid, Ascorbic acid and
Lactic acid) Ammonium propionat, Ammonium
Formate along with fatty acids, Yeast extract,
Amino Nitrogen, LPO, reactive proteins in a
fortified base

Reduces the gut pH.
Reduces multiplication of the pathogenic gram -ve
microorganisms and fungus.
Reduces the affects of Micotoxins
Increases tissue response and
improves nutrient utilization
Reduces disease incidences
The best alternative to antibiotic
growth promoters
Reduces the duration and cost of treatment

Regular Use:- 1kg/ton feed.
During Stress :- 2 kg/ton feed.
Or as recommended by the Veterinarian.

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